About me

Lex Adoncello


Lex is an adventurer, a storyteller, an observer and a dreamer. Wide-eyed with curiosity, she aims to create pieces that both explore and inspire. 

Always drawn to the wild, Lex explores nature as a path to exploring oneself. Whether it is the feeling of isolation, the romance of possibility, the rawness and the overwhelming abundance of beauty, Lex paints a visual narrative of inner reflection. 

Technically proficient as a cinematographer and photographer, her work stems from the intersection of past and present: analogue photography— the raw and nostalgic feel of a print— merged with modern life, design and technology.

Her drive is to create purposeful and emotionally charged content, rooted in her belief that images speak to the soul of the viewer and are shaped by a passion for beauty, a heart for story and thought provoking imagery.

While recognising the value of aesthetics, she believes firmly that authentic storytelling is paramount.