The Lives Of Others

We are not always the person that we present ourselves to be in public. Often, we play a role - creating an impression of a character we would like to present to others. This self-concept is seemingly a very private phenomenon, for one’s thoughts about themselves are hidden and are often highly personal. At the same time, the self-concept is very much a social phenomenon - having roots in social identities and roles we play, in turn guiding our perception of others and our own behaviour in social settings. 

The Lives of Others explores the social side of the self in the context of self-presentational behaviour;any behaviour intended to create, modify, or maintain an impression of ourselves in the minds of others.  Through a series of short video recordings, the work documents the candid happenings of everyday life, presenting them under a new light and in turn offering an alternative comprehension. 


As a single-channel composition, shot on a mobile phone, recorded in slow motion and captured across the globe over the course of a year, the work reveals the minutiae of everyday life from various standpoints. At 120 fps, we are presented with an unconventional viewing format - this slowing down of time allows the viewer time to fully engage with the delicate details that are frequently missed in the rush of real time, prompting the spectator to reconsider the nature of each scenario. This inadvertently creates an intimacy, which otherwise is overlooked - the slow passing of time is romanticised, further so with the looping soundtrack, and the viewer is authorised to let their mind off on a tangent and drift into unconscious thought.