Marseille, FRANCE / by Alexandra Adoncello

I returned to the French Riviera after 5 years, although this time I swapped relaxing on the beach in Cannes and Nice for tackling the calanques of Marseille, Cassis and La Ciotat.

The Calanques are narrow, steep-walled inlets of limestone, dolomite and local to the Mediterranean coast, specifically the 20km coastal range between Marseille and Cassis. Modern day calanques along the Mediterranean Sea are steep-sided valley that the marine transgression partially submerged to form cliff-edged inlets. These valleys were either incised by rivers or created by cave collapse as charts dry valleys when sea levels were lower. 

The Calanques are popular amongst tourists and locals alike, offering several vantage points and spectacular panoramic views. A great number of hikers frequent the area, following numbers pre-marked trails. The cliffs are also used as training spots for rock-climbers.