Marseille, FRANCE by Alexandra Adoncello

I returned to the French Riviera after 5 years, although this time I swapped relaxing on the beach in Cannes and Nice for tackling the calanques of Marseille, Cassis and La Ciotat.

The Calanques are narrow, steep-walled inlets of limestone, dolomite and local to the Mediterranean coast, specifically the 20km coastal range between Marseille and Cassis. Modern day calanques along the Mediterranean Sea are steep-sided valley that the marine transgression partially submerged to form cliff-edged inlets. These valleys were either incised by rivers or created by cave collapse as charts dry valleys when sea levels were lower. 

The Calanques are popular amongst tourists and locals alike, offering several vantage points and spectacular panoramic views. A great number of hikers frequent the area, following numbers pre-marked trails. The cliffs are also used as training spots for rock-climbers. 


Dubai, UAE by Alexandra Adoncello

I’ve recently set off to Western Europe to study and travel for the larger part of the year. I’ll be spending the first 5 months studying in France then off to Italy, Greece l and wherever else my feet lead me. 

Before reaching Europe, I spent some time in Dubai, the pastel palette palace of the United Arab Emirates. I set about with my camera in one hand and a cold bottle of water in the other. At every glance, I found something unique and something beautiful to gaze upon. It really was like no other city I’ve seen and I find it difficult to put into words - lucky for I have these photos instead.

Avoca Beach, AUSTRALIA by Alexandra Adoncello

Typically, the beaches along the Central Coast see more sun than most of the land  in Sydney; an explanation for the naturally golden tan of the locals. This held true for the time I spent there last week with my family, except for one gloomy morning in the middle of the week. On that day, I took out the little Ricoh GR pocket camera a friend of mine recently lent me, and I snapped away, testing its limits. The product was this moody black and white series, presenting an alternate impression of summer lovin'. 

If you take a liking to this series, I may post some shots from warmer days