Atop Hansons Peak, Cradle Mountain - documenting the Tasmanian Wilderness. 


Lex is an adventurer, a storyteller, an observer and a dreamer. Wide-eyed with curiosity, she aims to create films that both explore and inspire. 

Based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, she found her passion for film as a kid, candidly documenting family and friends and creating visual narratives. 

Always drawn to the wild, Lex explores nature as a path to exploring one’s self. Whether iT Is the feeling of isolation, the romance of possibility, the rawness and the overwhelming abundance of beauty, Lex paints a visual narrative of inner reflection.

Technically proficient as a cinematographer, director and photographer, Lex can seamlessly flow between the roles of capturing human emotion and spirit, to creating beautiful landscape cinematics, with a love of capturing the subtle details of both. 

While recognising the value of aesthetics, she believes firmly that authentic storytelling is paramount.